Assisted Living: Dealing With Everyone’s Emotions

Dos and Don’ts of Attending Your First Mammogram

The age at which you should have your first mammogram can vary greatly, depending on your family’s medical history and your risk. However, for most women, the first mammogram will be scheduled around age 40. Having regular annual mammograms can help to detect the presence of breast cancer in its earliest stages, when it’s the […]

A Brown Recluse Bit You? Here’s What To Do

All spiders are venomous, but only a few carry enough venom to be potentially fatal to a human. One of these spiders is the brown recluse spider. If you believe you have been bitten by one, keep in mind that it is sometimes difficult to properly identify a spider. However, there are still some actions […]

After The Funeral: Floral Arrangements And Plants

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for family members.  Sending flowers to a grieving family is a visible sign that shows love, support, and sympathy.  If you have lost a loved one, you will likely receive many floral arrangements and plants.  Flowers are sometimes sent to the home, but often are […]

The Three W’s Of Whiplash

Whiplash is an often misunderstood condition that can cause severe pain. Both short-term pain and long-term pain can result from a whiplash injury, and if the injury is left untreated it can actually become permanent. However, if you get whiplash treated as soon as possible after the accident, a full recovery is entirely possible. To understand […]

Choosing Between Dental Implants And Partials

If you have missing teeth, they can cause a number of oral health problems. This is why it’s so important to replace them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the teeth you do have may shift their position to try to fill in the gaps, which could result in serious bite alignment problems. You may even […]